About the Chronic Neck Pain


The majority of us work in an environment where we sit down for more than 7 hours and this has a great impact on our posture. Our evolution as human beings has pushed our bodies to adjust to survive, but years and years of adjustment have literally put a lot of pressure on our shoulders.

Our body has always been able to adjust on a phenomenal rate to accommodate the climate changes, the lifestyle changes and last but not least the feeding changes. What I mean by that is the way we procure food. Hundreds of years ago, the simple man had a way more active lifestyle compared to the modern human mostly because due to the way he was working the land, hunting or physically working.

Today, scientists say that almost 80% of jobs require light physical activity or not at all. This has increased the risk of morbid obesity and spinal deformations, chronic neck pain being part of this equation.

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About Aaron

Steve Lewis is an accredited sports massage therapist, personal trainer and conditioning coach in Sussex, Southern England. With more than 10 years experience in the fitness industry, Steve has built his freelance training business through dedication and passion for his trade.

Now, Steve operates alongside multiple gyms and clinics across Sussex including Healthworks Physiotherapy, Chichester College and the world-renowned Platinum Healing Retreats.